The world of FrieslandCampina begins just around the corner. Do you see the limitless possibilities in milk and in yourself?

FrieslandCampina provides people around the world with all the goodness of milk. We specialise in processing milk in a wide variety of products; from tasty cheeses and healthy dairy drinks to the best possible ingredients for the food and pharmaceutical industries. FrieslandCampina’s 20,000 employees have a shared passion: getting more from milk and helping people move forward in life in more than 100 countries.

Even after 130 years’ in the business, we are still looking for new possibilities in milk. That’s why we are continuing to develop new products and expand our range of more than 30 top brands. FrieslandCampina has business groups and operating companies with branches throughout the world. Our head office is in Amersfoort, the Netherlands.

Who are we looking for?
Anybody willing to think outside of the box will find all the scope they need at FrieslandCampina. That’s why we are constantly looking for pioneers who identify and leverage opportunities. In all cases, we are looking for professionals who see opportunities for themselves while helping to turn our ambition into reality. We want to get more from milk and develop into the most professional, successful and attractive global dairy company.

Working at FrieslandCampina
Innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship are key values that guide our mission: continuing to get more out of milk and ongoing innovation. Those interested in going beyond the confines of their professional field will find plenty of scope at FrieslandCampina. We are always on the lookout for pioneers who can identify and capitalise on opportunities. Professionals who may have an excellent track record but are acutely interested in meeting new challenges. What kind of people are we looking for? Well for a start, food and process technologists. And for our research & development division we are also seeking graduates in chemistry, for example, or physics and bio-technology. Specialists in the field of nutrition and health, experimental psychology and sensory physiology can join our sensory science team. But above all, we are looking for professionals who can see and make the most of opportunities to further their personal growth while realising our ambition, which is to become the most professional, successful and attractive dairy organisation in the world.

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Key facts and figures (2010)
• Annual revenue EUR 8.972 billion
• More than 30 well-known brands
• 19,484 employees at sales and production sites in 25 countries
• 10.3 billion kilos of processed milk
• 14,829 member dairy farmers who every year supply 8.8 billion kilos of milk
• The largest dairy cooperative in the world